So Tired!

So today was such a BLAH kind of day. I didn’t get a chance to workout, I ate Wendy’s (mucho bad for me) and I’m gonna be up all night working on this site. I mean I have Leverage on right now which is quite helpful but I still feel a bit.. listless. Maybe it’s all the sugar and carbs coursing through my body due to the Wendy’s but I know tomorrow can and will be better. Cocoa Roasted Almonds will get me through it. 🙂

Got to talk to my boyfriend. He gave me such great advice on motivating myself to do better and told me pretty much the only person in my way is myself. Never take realism for reality. Reality is what I make of it. Sounds slightly childish but aren’t we all kids on the inside? Adults are just jaded children in my opinion. I never want to grow out of being a kid. It’s what keeps me sane.